Thursday, July 30, 2015

Are Secret Corporate Investors Now Holding Cities and Countries Hostage

Editorial: Over the past year or two I have been watching some disturbing news stories from around the world that seemed to have some common traits. Have you noticed it too? Think of Detroit, Argentina, Greece and Puerto Rico as prime examples of what I have been observing.

These cities and countries were all loaned money by big banks, hedge funds, and other wealthy investors. Even though they were risky loans, these investors continued to lend money long after it was obvious the cities or countries could never repay them. Why?

The investors deliberately continued down a path that would ultimately bankrupt the cities or countries. Keeping their identities secret, the investors hid behind the cover of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) or other powerful organizations like the European Union (EU), they continued to lend money while simultaneously driving these governments further into bankruptcy.

Their goal appears to be consistent. Drive the governments into bankruptcy, take control, and then loot everything that isn't nailed down. Buildings, land, works of art, pensions, the treasury and more. These investors, or their legal agents, then typically proceed to lay off workers, raise taxes, shut down schools, ignore voters, and proceed to carry out their many other evil designs - all under the cover of the law.

It has worked in numerous other instances. Eventually you start to see the pattern repeating itself with more and more frequency. What cities and countries are the next targets? Do these investors really believe they can remain secret and continue to run amuck? Apparently they do. Unfortunately, it all eventually becomes exposed and leads to all sorts of other destructive behavior.

Am I the only one seeing this pattern? Is this part of the future we want? Big investment banks, hedge funds, and wealthy billionaires openly replacing our governments. I don't think so. Share your thoughts on this topic with our readers.

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