Sunday, April 17, 2011

Open Leadership & Other Key Strategies for the 21st Century

Collaboration, Open Solutions, and Innovation (COSI) are key strategies for individuals and organizations to adopt as America strives to thrive in the 21st century global operating environment.  Of these three strategies, the key strategy to pursue is Open Solutions. Open Leadership, Open Communities, Open Source, Open Standards, Open Access, Open Information, Open …   As I have said before, we are in the midst of the 'Age of Open Revolution'. 

I recently ran across several new good books and articles about Leadership in the 21st century  – "Open Leadership " by Charlene Li; "What Has Happened to Leadership?" by Dr. Tony Beam; and "Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything" by  Don Tapscott and A. Williams. The first is focused on what it means to provide Open Leadership; the second is an article on the moral dimensions of leadership from a Christian perspective; and the third provides examples of leading organizations that are in the process of implementing business strategies of global collaboration and open solutions to succeed in this new millennium.  

* See for other related books, articles, and reports.

Tell us about successful examples of global 'Collaboration' and 'Open Leadership' by American organizations in the 21st century?  And how morality and righteous behavior should fit into this picture.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

'Open' Revolution

I believe we have moved into a century of massive, global collaboration, innovation, and 'open' solutions. There is a revolution taking place in the high tech industry as we continue to move to open source solutions. In education and publishing we are moving to open copyright, open access, open knowledge, and open journals. We're seeing collaborative and 'open' news organizations, religious, and political movements. I think its very real, this period of 'open' revolution' on all fronts, I just haven't got a truly clear handle on what it really looks like, how it operates, and what its impact will be on me, our country, and our way of life.  But something big is afoot -  this is not just the Information Age, we've also entered an Age of Open Revolution!  And America is right in the middle of it.

Help us understand what this all means and portends. What does this mean for the future of America?