Thursday, May 31, 2012

Humerous 2012 Campaign Gaffe

Every once in a while a really humerous gaffe is made that you can't leave alone - no matter what person or party made the mistake. So excuse me if this doesn't make you chuckle. This has to do with the "Mitt for a Better Amercia" campaign.

Mitt Romney’s new iPhone app, With Mitt, “lets you customize photos with a variety of Mitt-inspired artistic frames.” Slogans like “Believe in Amercia,” “Obama Isn’t Working for Amercia” and “I’m a mum for Mitt’s Amercia” are just a few of the Mitt-tastic phrases that can be slapped on iPhone photos, proudly pronouncing an iPhone user’s support of the Republican candidate. 

Barack Obama's response to this new tool and campaign slogan by Mitt Romney follows. It made me smile, too.